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Vitamin B15 (Calcium Pangamate  item#2
Vitamin B15 (Calcium Pangamate).
Vitamin B15 (Calcium Pangamate).

Vitamin B15 (Calcium Pangamate). Plays a role in preventing heart disease, premature aging and seniliity.

"All Supplements Are Not Created Equal!"
"All Supplements Are Not Created Equal!"
  • Vitamin B15 (Calcium Pangamate)
  • Trophic Vitamin B15 is available in 100 mg tablets and is completely yeast free. Calcium Pangamate is also known as N-N Dimenthyl Glycine or DMG.
  • Plays a role in preventing heart disease, premature aging and seniliity.
  • Also found to be effective in treating allergies, neuritis, hypertension, hepatitis and diabetes.
  • Aids in improving the immune system by promoting the activity of white blood cells and reduces susceptibility to infection.
  • In North America, Vitamin B15 is not recognized as essential for human nutrition and is often referred to as calcium pangamate.
  • In France, Germany Spain, Japan and the USSR it is fully recognized for its effectiveness and a recommended daily allowance has been set.
  • In Canada, Vitamin B15 is most often taken by athletes who wish to increase the supply of oxygen to the tissues.
  • Eliminates the infiltration of fats into the liver.
  • Vitamin B15 (calcium pangamate) restores impaired metabolism of the myocardium, the thick inner layer of the heart wall.
  • This is done by increasing creatine content at the same time, dilating the venous vessels of the heart.
  • Vitamin B15 (calcium pangamate) has a positive effect on the metabolism during extensive physical exercise, accompanied by a decrease in oxygen saturation in the blood.
  • Positive results should also be seen during less extensive but prolonged physical exercise.

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UPC code:69967 11971

Size, Capacity:90tablets (200mg)

Manufactured by:Trophic Canada

Made in Canada

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